Viewing Balances and Transactions

How to view balances and transactions in your Solana Wallet.

You can view the token balances in your Solana wallet at any time by opening the wallet browser extension or application. Only the balances of tokens which the wallet recognizes will be displayed on the main wallet view.

In the example below, the wallet has a SOL balance of 0.09 and a USDC balance of 50.00

The large number at the top is the approximate market value of the combined holdings of both the SOL and the USDC tokens. The numbers in red and green represent the estimated change in market value over the last 24 hours.

These are not particularly relevant if you simply wish to know what your current token balances are. Instead, it is more important to focus on the balance of the token held - in this example the '50 USDC' and the '0.09 SOL' rather than their estimated USD value.

It is also possible to view the history of transactions undertaken by this wallet. This can be seen in another tab of the wallet extension (the fourth tab, indicated by a lightning bolt here).

Here, the wallet can display transactions which it can interpret - in this case, the receipt of SOL and USDC from the funding process demonstrated above.

In this example, the transactions shown are simple transfers of SOL and USDC between wallets, which are easily understood and represented by the wallet.

However, there are many different types of transactions that can happen on-chain - many of which wallets will not be pre-equipped to interpret.

For example, your wallet may not have sufficient context to understand the transactions taken to place or cancel orders on Aver, and will simply represent these as an interaction with the Aver program โ€“ it will highlight where a change in your USDC or SOL balances occurred as a result.

For further information on what actually happened, and for further context on the transaction, you will need to view those transactions on the Aver application.

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