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Monitoring Positions

This guide is intended to help you understand how to monitor your positions and exit them (if need be).
After placing one or more matched orders, it’s important to understand how to monitor your aggregate positions and the USDC exposure you have as a result.
You can monitor your positions in either of these two areas of the application:
Please note, this section covers positions using the Pro display mode. If using the Simple display mode, you can view your active bets and past bets on the 'Account Overview' page.
If you're using the Simple mode display, you have the option to ‘Cash Out’ of an unwanted position – this is only possible for orders that haven’t been fully matched.
Please note, you can only cash out on 'Active' markets. Once a market has 'Ceased trading', or is 'Settled', you cannot manipulate your position. Read more about this in the Market Lifecycle section.

Monitoring Positions in the Trading Interface

Once you’ve placed an order, you can monitor your position for a given market in the ‘Positions’ tab under the trading module.
Monitoring Positions tab (Trading Interface)
Here, you can see your exposure to every outcome in a market based on your order. You can see the outcome, the USDC amount exposure you have to that outcome and your USDC amount payout.

Monitoring Positions in the Account Overview

The Account Overview page provides a universal view of all your positions. Additionally, you have the ability to sort positions by date range or type of event, export your history or search for specific positions.
Go to the ‘Positions’ tab on the page to view all your current positions.
Monitoring Positions tab (Account Overview)
For each order you can see information such as event details, the selected market, the total funds exposed in that market, your USDC amount exposure to each outcome and your USDC amount payout.
Click on the 🔗 button to view the on-chain transaction for each trade on Solana Explorer.