Discovering Markets

How to discover markets and events.

There are a large variety of sports and prediction markets offered on Aver, and we’ve made it easy for you to discover them.

The example screenshots in these sections may differ to those you see depending on a number of factors including:

  • Attributes of the market which will vary by underlying event

  • Display preferences

  • Whether you are interacting on a mobile/desktop device and the browser/app you use.

The interactions are generally similar, or where differences are relevant to the process they will typically be called out.

Aver Exchange provides an event-centric view, which means that each event can have one or more markets underneath it - for example, a football event may have markets for match winner, correct score, red cards, etc. Here's how you can start discovering

  1. On the first page you see is the discovery homepage. Here, you can see an overview of the most popular events and the funds in your account. You can use the homepage, the navigation panel, category/subcategory pages or search to find events!

2. All active events can be seen in a panel on the left hand-side of the page. You can click on β€˜Trending’ to view the most popular events (by USDC volume), or you can select one of the many event categories displayed.

3. On category pages, all the different types of events occurring in that category can be found. For example, if you select β€˜Soccer’, you will see a variety of different series (i.e. Bundesliga, Premier League, Serie A, etc.) and their associated matches.

4. Clicking on a subcategory, such as β€˜FIFA World Cup 2022’ under β€˜Soccer’, will take you to a page for that specific subcategory. You can also see the most popular events and any tournament related events at a quick glance.

5. Can’t find the event you’re looking for? Use the search feature at the top of the app!

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