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Frequently asked questions about more common issues.

I placed an order but I don’t see it in my account, or, the market is resolved and I didn’t win?

Please check the following before filing an issue report:

  • Did you sign the transaction and wait for a confirmation?

  • Was the order matched? If not, and the market is still active, your order may still be open. Otherwise, if the market was closed before your order was matched it will appear as a cancellation.

How fast is the Solana Network?

Transactions are processed in near-real time - so your trades are processed nearly instantaneously. However, the Solana network can sometimes take up to 30 seconds for enough nodes to ‘validate’ a transaction.

Rest assured, any action takes place within milliseconds of your instruction, though it may not appear on your UI for a number of seconds.

What happens if the Solana network is down?

Occasionally, the Solana network may experience issues. When this occurs, transactions may fail to process. You will obtain feedback from the UI where a transaction has not been completed.

Once the Solana network is back up and working, transactions will resume as before the incident and Aver markets will be quick to resume to their appropriate state.

A market was resolved but my winnings aren’t showing up in my wallet?

Markets may cease trading at the start of an event (or at the end of an event for in-play markets) but resolution may not happen instantaneously. It may take some time before markets are resolved, due to delays in outlets publishing the events, or delays in the resolution process achieving consensus.

You can see the list of past markets which you have participated in in the 'Past Markets' tab of your account overview.

In here you can see markets which are 'Awaiting Resolution or Settlement' (for which you will have to wait for your proceeds to be processed) and markets which have been resolved (or voided) and settled - for which you will have automatically been paid any proceeds (in USDC) and repaid your SOL.

Why did the transaction take so much SOL?

The first transaction you make on a market will require SOL for both:

  • The ‘transaction cost’ ; and

  • The ‘account rent’ required to store the data on-chain

The amount paid for ‘account rent’ is entirely redeemable and you will be automatically refunded this once the market is closed.

The amount required for 'account rent' can vary depending on the number of outcomes in the market and number of orders you’d like to allow space for. Typically, it will range from 0.0115 SOL (for a small, two outcome market) up to 0.05 SOL (for larger markets with many outcomes and capacity for a large number of orders).

Why can’t I connect my Metamask (or another wallet)?

Aver is built on Solana and supports many of the main Solana wallet providers. Metamask and other Ethereum/ERC-20 wallets are not compatible with the protocol at the current point in time.

In the future, it may be possible to support cross-chain signing of transactions (i.e. interacting with Aver via Ethereum or other blockchain wallets) - though solutions to support this have yet to be developed. In the meantime, the best course of action is to get yourself a Solana wallet.

See other sections of our docs for information on Supported Wallets and a guide to Installing a Wallet.

I’m receiving a fraction (<0.0001) less/more of my proceeds than expected?

Occasionally, the logic within the on-chain program will apply calculations to multiple decimal places. This can sometimes mean that amounts filled may be out by a fraction of a penny (usually 5-6 decimal places).

E.g. Your winnings are projected at $10, but you receive $9.99997 or $10.000004.

This is a minor constraint of the level of precision within which the program operates and some rounding will occur.

Why is the odds/price I typed in being adjusted to a different value?

Exchanges implement a concept called 'tick bucketing' when determining what prices are acceptable for an order. (The alternative is that we would see orders at prices like 1.0, 1.0000003, 1.0023, 1.023444534, etc)

The Aver protocol operates in the default 'probability' price format, so this bucketing process takes place in probability price terms.

However, the application enables prices to be viewed in Probability, Decimal or American odds formats - and as a result, the bucketed prices observed may not seem so 'round' - this is the result of displaying prices which have been bucketed in Probability terms, but which are being approximated for display in Decimal or American format.

More information on this topic is available in the Price / Tick Bucketing guide.

Why can’t I see my open positions or orders?

Please check the following:

  • Ensure that your wallet is connected

  • Ensure your wallet is connected to the correct network – Devnet or Mainnet

  • If you have multiple wallets on the same device, make sure that you’re using the same wallet you used to place your order

On Devnet, why can't I see the USDC in my wallet?

On Devnet, we airdrop you a 'play USDC' token. It isn’t real USDC, but something intended to mimic it. When you look at your wallet, you will likely see an unknown token mint with a balance instead - this is the 'play USDC’.

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