RPC Clients

RPC Clients

Interacting with the Aver protocol involves sourcing information from two networks:
  • Data stored directly on the Solana blockchain
  • The (context data) API
All of the crucial information required for Aver, and prediction markets, to function is stored on-chain. This includes order specifications, order posting, order cancelling, order matching, trade settlement, exposure journalling, collateral posting, resolution of markets and settlement of proceeds.
Aver is designed to be fully decentralized and does not rely on the context data API to function. The context data API serves to enrich the experience by providing curation/indexing or markets, and providing information which is not necessitated to be trustless.
All transactions, instructions, account balances and positions are registered and recorded directly on the Solana blockchain. A core philosophy in the design of the protocol is that any piece of data which could have an impact on the outcomes of a trade interact directly with the Solana blockchain.
Information sourced from the Aver API takes one of three forms:
  • Listings of the markets available on Aver - with the data necessary to assemble requests directly to the Solana blockchain to interact with these markets;
  • Contextual information about the markets or the outcomes within those markets - for example, a teams recent form, the starting line-up for a football game, etc;
  • Historical trading data which is made publicly available - for example, to support charting or analysis.

Solana RPC Clients

The endpoint used will depend on which network you intend to connect to. For trading using real value, a connection to mainnet-beta is required via:
The primary Solana mainnet RPC is subject to throttling and rate limits. If you anticipate to place a high volume of requests, it may be worth considering obtaining your own RPC node.
For trading using play value, you may wish to connect to the devnet to test integrations via:

Aver (Context Data API) RPC Client

When sourcing information from the Aver API, data is also subdivided by Solana network.
For information related to mainnet-beta markets, transactions or history:
Or for devnet:

Additional Information

You can find more information on the JSON RPC API here. You will not need to use this when interacting with Aver, although it is useful to know.

Getting your own RPC Node

If you intend to send a large number of transactions to Solana (for example market making activities involving a lot of refreshing of prices) you should consider setting up your own dedicated RPC Node, or seeking one from an RPC Node service provider.
There are a number of providers in the space, and project contributors would be happy to advise on the right solution and configuration for your use case.