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Navigating Markets
This guide is intended to help you understand how to navigate and explore markets on Aver. The guide makes the distinction between Standard and Pro display modes - depending on your configuration.
The example screenshots in these sections may differ to those you see depending on a number of factors including:
  • attributes of the market which will vary by underlying event;
  • display preferences - including pro/standard, dark/light mode, price/odds and size formats and modal/betslip mode; (more on there here)
  • whether you are interacting on a mobile or desktop device and the browser or app you use.
The interactions are generally similar, or where differences are relevant to the process they will typically be called out.
Aver is in active development and interactions and UI will evolve over time. While contributors generally endeavor to keep screen grabs and guides up to date, some divergences between the application and the docs may appear over time.

Browsing Markets

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Browsing Markets