๐Ÿ’กProhibited Markets

The following guidelines were created by the Aver core team in consultation with advisors and the greater community. These guidelines set out some basic rules for markets that the Aver protocol should not facilitate.

All Participants and Contributors of Aver must abide by the most recent guidelines in this area when interacting with the Aver DEX or Protocol.

Illegal/Immoral markets

These include markets based on the occurrence of events such as death, sickness, suffering, violent crime, acts of terrorism, war, or related to a named or identifiable individual not considered to be a public figure where the subject matter of the market might be considered to belittle, undermine or otherwise harm that individual.

Financial markets

Aver does not facilitate the exchange of financial assets and should not be used in any way to offer what might resemble a financial asset or derivative subject to any financial regulatory regime in any country, for example commodities regulated by the CFTC in the US, or securities regulated by the US SEC.

Licensed/Permissioned markets

Markets of this nature should not be listed unless the individual listing the market has taken the necessary steps to ensure it is listed with appropriate approval and where applicable that the necessary fees are paid to any organisations to permit it.

Asymmetry information markets

Markets should not be established by any given user for the purpose of exploiting others due to a clear case of asymmetric information. For example, where the outcome of an event is already known to someone and the market is initiated purely to mislead others into speculating against an already certain result.

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