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Frequent Issues Checklist

User feedback to date has taught us that 90%+ of issues encountered are as a result of one of the following being missed by participants:

  • I have installed and configured a supported Solana wallet

  • I funded (or airdropped, if on Devnet) my wallet with $USDC and $SOL.

  • I have switched my wallet's network to the correct network corresponding to the Aver application version I am interacting with.

  • I have connected my wallet to the application, understood, accepted and signed (with my wallet) the Community Rules.

  • My wallet remains connected to the application throughout (as indicated by a compressed wallet address in the top-right wallet button) - otherwise, I have reconnected when necessary (for example, if the connection has timed out)

  • When attempting to place a new order, the market is in 'Active' state (i.a. accepts new orders).

  • I understand the difference between unmatched (open) and matched orders, and can identify the matched and unmatched (as applicable) components of my order within the UI.

  • The price I have entered is within an acceptable range for the format I have used.

  • The size I have specified is greater than the minimum trade size allowed (in stake and/or payout terms)

  • The size I have specified will not push my trading for this market past it's upper limit. (i.e. I will not have brought more than the stake limit into this market as a result of this trade)

  • I have sufficient $SOL to cover the cost of signing the transaction and funding the 'rent' for the new account required to interact with this market.

  • I have sufficient $USDC (or existing positions) to cover this trade.

  • I have tried to refresh my browser window where I have encountered display issues or issues with how the app is loading values or information.

  • I have waited at least 10-15 seconds for changes in positions/exposure to show up in the 'Positions' tab, and at least 30-60 seconds for new orders to appear in the 'My Orders' tab.

  • When the market has ceased, I have checked to see the status of a ceased market in the 'Past Markets' tab, to determine whether or not I should have yet received and $USDC or $SOL in settlement.

Please also check the General FAQ for more commonly experienced issues.

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